Double-Sided Photo Paper With Gloss Surface

Print your photos and designs with this premium-quality inkjet paper. Its thicker weight provides a rich feel and resists fading.

Its high color density, compatibility with dye ink, ultra-smooth white surface and instant drying capabilities provide a superior printing experience. It’s an ideal choice for photographs, graphic design/illustrations and articles of text.

High Color Density

Professional photographers, artists experimenting with mixed media, and businesses showcasing products all rely on photo paper to showcase their creations. While it may seem like just regular printer paper, photo paper is specially designed to enhance images with a wide range of color density. The paper’s coating, weight, and finish all play a critical role in determining the final outcome of the image.

Glossy paper is a popular choice for photos and graphic designs/illustrations with heavy color coverage because it makes the colors “pop” on the print. The paper’s shiny surface also reflects light, which creates an attractive look and feel for the printed image. However, it’s important to keep in mind that glossy prints are more susceptible to glare than matte papers and can be difficult to view under bright light.

A matte finish offers a softer, more subdued look, and it’s an ideal choice for photos that will be used in albums or displayed in frames without protective glass. This non-reflective finish is also less prone to glare and fingerprints, making it suitable for daily handling.

Instant Drying

This photo paper is instantly drying, allowing you to handle prints right out of the printer without worrying about smudges. This makes it an excellent choice for projects that require frequent handling, such as presentations or exhibitions.

Moreover, this glossy paper can make colors pop out on the page, making them more vibrant and lively. It works well on print files with heavy color coverage, including photographs and large graphics. However, the glossy finish can create glare and reflections, which may be problematic for people who are looking at large prints under bright lights.

Photo paper is designed to produce photos with high-quality color and sharp details. It is different from regular paper because it has a special coating that allows ink to adhere better to the surface, providing a more vibrant and life-like image. In addition, photo paper is thicker than regular papers and is resistant to fingerprints and dust. It is also easy to cut and fold.

Compatible with Dye Ink

This photo paper is a top-tier choice for anyone seeking exceptional photos. Its double-sided surface, instant drying capabilities, high color density, and compatibility with dye inks combine to create a superior printing experience. The thick weight and glossy finish also make this photo paper highly durable and long-lasting.

This high-quality photo paper from Kodak is ideal for at-home printing. It has a professional feel and offers excellent print quality at a low price. The high-gloss coating helps bring out the detail and vibrant colors in your prints.

Another great option is this high-gloss baryta paper from Hahnemuhle. It’s a heavyweight paper designed for gallery-quality display and fine art. It’s made from cotton fibers left over from textile manufacturing, and the high-gloss finish adds a beautiful sheen to your photos. It’s also acid-free and archival, so it will preserve your photos for years to come. It’s available in rolls of up to 64 inches (1.62 m) wide and comes with ICC profiles to ensure perfect color matching.

Ultra-Smooth White Surface

This high-quality double-sided photo paper with gloss surface is ideal for all your digital photographs and reprints. Its instant drying capabilities, glossy finish, high color density, and compatibility with dye ink make it the ultimate printing companion.

The smooth, highly reflective surface of photo paper glossy a4 enhances images by reflecting light and creating stunning visual impact. It also has a high color gamut for true-to-life colors and crisp details. The weight of the paper gives it a rich feel and helps it hold up to frequent handling.

In addition, the coating on this photo paper protects prints from gases and sunlight that can cause fading. It’s perfect for use with spiral binding, wire-o binding, and other book printing types. Its durability makes it a great choice for photo albums, scrapbooks, and keepsakes. It’s also suitable for framing or showcasing in exhibitions.

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